Warhammer 40k Tournament (18 Player Cap)

Warhammer 40k Tournament (18 Player Cap)

Warhammer 40k

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Warhammer 40k 2000 Pts Tournament


Email: Admin@trollcountrygames.com to RSVP

Date: Janruary 12th, February 9th Registration: 9:00 Am, Tournament Start: 10:00 Am

Missions: Out of 40k Rulebook RSVP @: http://www.facebook.com/events/100591180111188/

Tournament Entry Fee and Prize Support:

Entry Fee: Buy To play (Minimum of $10 MSRP in Product)…INFO: 18 PLAYER CAP, 3 ROUNDS

Prizes: Prize for Painting, Door Prizes, and 1st Place wins 100% of purchase in store credit.

Now here is the fun part! The tournament winner will receive store credit equal to the amount of his entry.

Example: Player buys $25 dollars in product. Player wins the tournament and gains $25 dollars in store


*Note that all players keep their item or items bought for entry into the tournament.

The amount of risk is up to you, so this allows for the casual player to risk little and enjoy three solid

games. Or for the competitive player who wishes to hedge their bets to win big!!


Troll Country Games

6780 E Hampden Ave

Denver CO 80224

Phone:720-514-9911 Website: www.trollcountrygames.com

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