• Commander 2013!

    Commander 2013!

    Announcements, Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 11:08 AM by

    The new Commander decks release on November 1st!  Spoilers are being posted daily now and needless to say we are excited.

    After talking to my favorite EDH/Commander player, I’ve decided to post my choices for “most fun” commanders that have been spoiled to date.

    Let me introduce you to Twiddle Bird Legend and Chill Giant Legend!



    Come pick up your new Commander decks on Friday, November 1st!

    Here’s a link to the decklists posted by WOTC.


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  • Theros Game Day

    Theros Game Day

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 3:57 PM by

    Theros Game Day is coming up.  Join us on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th at 12:30pm.

    Entry for this event is FREE! Phalanx Leader Promo for entry.

    Standard format with cut to Top 8.  Top 8 Promo is Nighthowler.


    phalanx leadernighthowler

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  • Theros Release Weekend

    Theros Release Weekend

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 11:27 AM by

    3 Chances to receive your Bident of Thassa Promo!

    Friday Night Magic on the 27th of September. (7pm start)

    Release Sealed on Saturday the 28th. (12:30pm start)

    Release Sealed on Sunday the 29th. (12:30pm start)

    Release events cost $30.  4 Rounds of Theros Pack Rounds.


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  • Preorder THEROS Now!

    Preorder THEROS Now!

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 12:07 PM by

    Hey guys,

    Preorders for Theros have opened.

    Boxes are only 99.99.  The first 30 preorders receive the box-topper promo.

    Fatpacks are only 34.99 again!

    These prices are good for cash and credit card transactions.  You must pay at the time of order.



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  • Theros Prerelease Info

    Theros Prerelease Info

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 11:43 AM by

    $25 entry
    Each event is 4 rounds of pack rounds.
    All events will be at Denver Central Games!

    Saturday, September 21st –
    Midnight (after FNM)
    Noon Sealed
    7PM Sealed

    Sunday, September 22nd –
    Noon Sealed
    Noon 2HG Sealed


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  • Pokemon World Championship 2013 Live Stream

    Pokemon World Championship 2013 Live Stream

    Collectible Card Games, Pokemon
    Posted on Saturday, August 10th, 2013 at 10:38 AM by


    The Pokemon TCG and VG World Championships are this weekend in Vancouver Canada. The TCG matches will be covered via live stream on Twitch TV. The matches start at 6pm Mountain Time. Tune in for the live coverage!

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  • M14 Game Day

    M14 Game Day

    Announcements, Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 1:58 PM by



    M14 Game Day is fast approaching.  The 1st weekend after the store move is GAME DAY!  Join us on August 10th and 11th for a chance to win your very own full-art Goblin Diplomats and Chandra CHAMPION playmat!

    0000Goblin-Diplomats-M14-Visual-Spoiler Date:  8/10/13 & 8/11/13

    Entry: FREE!

    Registration: 11AM

    Start: 12:30PM

    Format: Standard

    Prizes: Participation Card, Top 8 Promo, Champion Playmat

    Come on out and play free MAGIC!


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  • Magic PTQ: Born of the Gods (Valencia, Spain)

    Magic PTQ: Born of the Gods (Valencia, Spain)

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 1:32 PM by

    The PTQ schedule has been posted.  If you’re trying to queue for Pro Tour: Born of the Gods in Valencia, Spain, we will be holding a PTQ on Saturday, September 14th at 11AM.  Here are the details we have right now.

    Location:  The Timbers Hotel (4411 Peoria St.  Denver, CO  80239)

    Registration:  10AM

    Start: 11AM

    Format:  M14 Sealed, cut to Top 8 booster draft.

    Entry:  $35

    Prizes:  1st place will receive an airline travel voucher (hotel not included).  Additional product prizes paid thru top 16.




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  • Pokemon Pulse by Andrew Pomponio

    Pokemon Pulse by Andrew Pomponio

    Collectible Card Games, Pokemon
    Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 at 5:36 PM by


    Hey guys, Andrew here. I realize it’s been quite a while since I posted my Plasma Klang deck before the Colorado State Championships. Sadly I did not make it into the Top 16, but there will always be more tournaments.

    This last weekend was the U.S. National Championships held in Indianapolis Indiana. The turn out for Nationals was pretty crazy! There were 234 juniors, 344 seniors and a whopping 927 masters! This is very clear evidence that the TCG is still going strong.

    The winners can all be found here at The Official US National Championships page. I’m going to go ahead and cover the deck that won the Masters division for the US. The most played deck in the format was the Thunderous EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem deck which can be found on google or other various sites. The gist of the deck is to use Thunderous EX to help attach special energies from the discard pile onto your Kyurem. Using Keldeo EX and Float Stone you’re able to Rush In/Retreat which negates the condition of Kyurem’s attack being unavailable next turn. Deoxys EX just sits on the bench acting like a Plus Power. Despite the popularity of this deck, another deck ended up seeing equal play and while it was certainly not a direct counter to T/D/K, it was the popular alternative.

    The Gothitelle/Accelgor deck is a rather unique deck for how it’s played. The overall goal of the deck is to use Gothitelle’s Magic Room ability to prevent your oponent from using item cards like Switch, potions, Hypnotoxic Lasers and all tool cards as well. You get your Accelgor set up on the bench, but he will just stay there. It will be Mew EX doing your attacking for you. Mew EX will use Deck and Cover from Accelgor. This paralyzes your opponents Pokemon which prevents them from being able to attack you next turn while also poisoning them. Mew EX and a Double Colorless Energy will go back into your deck. On your next turn, you will use Dusknoir’s ability to move all the damage you did last turn onto your opponents benched pokemon. You do not want to knock out their active pokemon until their bench is cleared first. You keep repeating this process until your opponents bench is empty and thus knocking out the active Pokemon will win you the game regardless of how many prizes you’ve taken. All the trainers in this deck are designed to search out very specific stuff while discarding things out of your deck that you don’t need. You actually want to get your deck so thin that every time you use Musharna‘s ability, you will simply draw either your Mew EX or your Double Colorless Energy to set up every turn.

    This deck utilizes several mechanics from the game to make a versatile attacker out of one of the least used EX Pokemon in the game. I’m very amazed to see this deck do so well considering it’s extremely inexpensive to put together and it proves that you can not simply buy your self the best deck and win. I’m very excited to see if this deck will make an appearance for World Championships in August. The next entry will be previewing the Plasma Cannon set that is due to come out soon! Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

    4x Gothita
    4x Gothitelle (Emerging Powers)
    2x Shelmet
    2x Accelgor (Dark Explorers)
    4x Mew EX
    2x Duskull
    1x Dusclops
    1x Dusknoir (Boundaries Crossed)
    2x Munna (Long-Distance Hypnosis)
    1x Musharna

    4x N
    4x Skyla
    4x Professor Juniper
    2x Colress
    1x Computer Search
    4x Ultra Ball
    2x Level Ball
    4x Float Stone
    4x Rare Candy
    1x Super Rod
    1x Town Map
    1x Tool Scrapper
    1x Pokémon Catcher

    4x Double Colorless Energy

    Decklist from PokeGym Forums.

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  • M14 Prerelease Info

    M14 Prerelease Info

    Magic The Gathering
    Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 2:43 PM by


    Magic 2014 Prerelease – Only $25


    Saturday July 13th

    @ The Timbers Hotel

    Sealed Midnight Prerelease

    Registration begins at 9pm

    Sealed Noon Prerelease

    Registration begins at 11am

    Sealed 2HG Noon Prerelease

    Registration begins at 11am

    Sealed Evening Prerelease

    Registration begins at 6pm

    Sunday July 14th

    @ Denver Central Games

    Sealed Noon Prerelease

    Registration begins at 11am

    4 Rounds: every round is a M14 Pack Round


    The Timbers Hotel

    4411 Peoria St (I-70 & Peoria)

    Denver, CO  80239

    Hotel Features:

    $79 rooms (sleep 4), $89 rooms (sleep 6)

    Free Breakfast with Room Rental

    Restaurant/Bar in the Hotel


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