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Hello, everyone!  This is my first of hopefully many articles to come. Let’s start with an easy topic that I am sure that everyone is already brewing with: Boros Human aggro! We (well, those who follow the top 8 listings) have seen how well both RDW and aggro decks in general have been doing. I plan on combining elements from both RDW and Naya Humans. Here’s the list that I have so far:

[mtg_deck title=”Boros Humans”]


4 Champion of the Parish
3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
4 Precinct Captain
4 Truefire Paladin
4 Frontline Medic
4 Silverblade Paladin
4 Spark Trooper
3 Sublime Archangel
3 Hellrider

4 Boros Charm
4 Sacred foundry
4 Clifftop Retreat
4 Cavern of Souls
4 Plains
3 Mountians
2 Slayers’ Stonghold

3 Rest in peace
4 Mizzium Mortars
4 Paraselene
4 Pillar of flame

Now, I’m sure a few of these cards need some explanation as to why they made the cut or not.  Here’s a breakdown of my card choices:

Champion of the Parish: Pretty obvious, deck is called Boros HUMANS so why not play one of the best?  It’s great early game beats and grows huge over time.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben:  Actually not to huge on this card… Control is kinda dead but what it does do is cripple Bant Auras and make Reanimator a few turns slower. First strike is still a thing, it’s a human, and has little to no impact on our deck so decided to give it a go…

Precinct Captain: If he only popped out humans… *sigh* well he doesn’t. What he does do is force your opponent to block him or he creates even more synergy with some other aspects of the deck that I will get into further… Did I mention first strike is a thing?

Truefire Paladin: Another card I’m not 100% sold on but I was surprised at the lack of good aggro humans.  I do enjoy the fact that for 4 mana pump he pretty much can kill 75% of the creatures used right now… Vigilance is also very helpful… Another human too

Frontline Medic:  Now were getting to the meat of this deck!  I mostly enjoy this for the indestructibility part and I see that usually being more relevant than the “make a Sphinx’s Revelation or Bonfire 3 more.” I might be wrong but with 33 creatures I seldom see indestructibility be a bad thing…

Silverblade Paladin:  Probably the second best card in the deck… Everyone knows how deadly this guy can be; combined with Frontline Medic, Precinct Captain, Spark Trooper, Sublime,he just gets dumb… did I mention that he’s a human?

Spark Trooper:  A card a lot of people aren’t talking about and I’m not 100% sure why not… this is anywhere from a 12 to 24 point life swing for 4 mana.  Biggest weakness is first/double strike, but with all of the double strike enablers and indestructibility that we have as well it shouldn’t be a problem…

Sublime Archangel:  Has amazing synergy with Silverblade, Boros Charm, and Spark Trooper… Just might be that last little bit of damage that is needed to take someone out… has the added benefit of flying as well.  Could see the justification in changing this out for Firemane Avenger, but remember Firemane doesn’t trade well with a Restoration Angel.

Hellrider:  Card that takes everything over the top.  Again with 33 creatures your going to be doing a lot of damage… Yea he’s not a human, but I shouldn’t have to explain why I am running this guy…  Only issue I see is that the 2x red MIGHT be a problem especially with Slayers’ Stronghold and Cavern of Souls…

Boros Charm:  One question: why was this card printed? Without a shadow of a doubt the best charm in the game… Supreme Verdict? Nope! Combat tricks? Get there! Double strike for the win? GG! Need 4 more damage to win? GG!  Let’s take the 2 best cards in this deck (Frontline medic and Silverblade) and put it on one card… bonkers!

Slayers’ Stronghold: That extra 2 damage and/or the haste effect sometimes might end the game.

I am not the best sideboarder in the world and of course every meta a little different… The sideboard that I made is pretty general, go ahead and tailor your sideboard to whatever you see fit!

That’s all for my first Troll Country article!  The deck isn’t too flashy but it’s solid.

Now on a side note, I would LOVE to see the website take off like ChannelFireball or So, please, if you could submit ideas as to things that you would like to see on the site that would encourage you to traffic here daily that would be appreciated.  Also, if you can help me make my articles better that would be helpful too! Be gentle this is my first time writing articles.  One idea that I had was to copy what Conely Woods did and do a “Deck Doctor” type thing where you can submit a deck and have it critiqued by an experienced player. If you have any other ideas, leave a message in the comments and let us know!



P.S. I went ahead and set up the deck doctor email; it’s trollcountrydoctor (at)

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