Defender Combo

Defender Combo

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 8:56 PM by

Brain Maclin, from Denver, colorado, came by talking about an interesting standard deck that he’d been working on. He was kind enough to share the list. Once you have 4 defenders you can make infinite mana. You’ll have to work out the land and sideboard on your own depending on what you splash! This is a stripped down version to let you put your own spin on it.

[mtg_deck title=”Defender Combo”]
4 Tree of Redemption
4 Axebane Guardian
4 Gatekeeper Vine
4 Doorkeeper
4 Galvanic Alchemist
4 Fog Bank

4 Sands of Delirum
4 Increasing Confusion
4 Simic Charm

4 Breeding pool
10 Island
10 Forest

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