R/U/G Delver

R/U/G Delver

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 5:48 PM by

Rug delver, tempo threshold this deck has gone by a few names,  it is a strong legacy contender. The point of this deck is to starve your opponent of resources.  With all 4 wastelands and a slew of counter spells just stick an early threat and ride it to victory.  I do have to  say when I first played this deck I did not value my spell pierces enough and got burned.

[mtg_deck title=”R/U/G Delver”]
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Tarmogoyf
Creatures [12]

4 Brainstorm
3 Chain Lightning
3 Daze
1 Fire // Ice
4 Force of Will
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Ponder
2 Spell Pierce
2 Spell Snare
3 Stifle
Spells [29]
1 Island
3 Misty Rainforest
3 Scalding Tarn
3 Tropical Island
3 Volcanic Island
4 Wasteland
2 Wooded Foothills
Lands [19]

2 Ancient Grudge
1 Fire // Ice
2 Flusterstorm
2 Pyrostatic Pillar
2 Red Elemental Blast
1 Spell Snare
2 Submerge
1 Sulfur Elemental
2 Surgical Extraction

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