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  • Kill Team Tuesdays Warhammer 40k

    Kill Team Tuesdays

    Kill Team for 40k is picking up steam.  We have a regular group play... Read more
  • Journey Into Nix Prerelease Magic The Gathering

    Journey Into Nix Prerelease

    Prerelease Weekend is April 26th and 27th.  We’re starting the fun ... Read more
  • Pokemon XY Release Pokemon

    Pokemon XY Release

    When you look beyond the powerful Mega Evolution Pokémon and Pokémon... Read more
  • BNG Gameday! Magic The Gathering

    BNG Gameday!

      Come out on March 1st and 2nd at Noon for Born of the Gods Game... Read more
  • Super Bowl XLVIII at DCG Announcements

    Super Bowl XLVIII at DCG

    To celebrate the Super Bowl and the Prerelease, we are going to bring ... Read more
  • Tuesday Standard Update Announcements

    Tuesday Standard Update

    Alright Magic players, this is what you’ve been waiting to hear.... Read more
  • Born of the Gods Prerelease Magic The Gathering

    Born of the Gods Prerelease

    SATURDAY, February 1st Midnight Sealed (after FNM) Registration Begins... Read more
  • Pokemon City Championships! Pokemon

    Pokemon City Championships!

      Location Name: Denver Central Games Address: 10101 E. Hampden A... Read more
  • Preorder Born of the Gods TODAY! Announcements

    Preorder Born of the Gods TODAY!

    Hey guys, Preorders for BORN OF THE GODS have opened. Boxes are only 9... Read more
  • Weekend Draft Changes! Magic The Gathering

    Weekend Draft Changes!

    Hey guys!  I freaking love Theros limited.  The set is good and the ... Read more
  • Dorian’s Ghost Dad Magic The Gathering

    Dorian’s Ghost Dad

    Dorian with a brew for you all. This brew grinds out incremental advan... Read more
  • ReaniCrate Standard


    Craterhoof has been a great card to target with unberial rites now see... Read more
  • Jhoira, Suspend Me EDH

    Jhoira, Suspend Me

    This EDH deck is all about suspending large creatures and extra turns ... Read more
  • Stifle-Nought Legacy


    The purpose of this deck is to cheat into play a Phyrexian Dreadnought... Read more
  • Mile High Melee Top 8 Magic The Gathering

    Mile High Melee Top 8

    This is the top eight decklists from the Mile High Melee on 3/7/2013 ... Read more
  • PTQ: San Diego Magic The Gathering

    PTQ: San Diego

    Khanin takes second, Alex Khanin, a regular here at Troll did a fantas... Read more
  • Defender Combo Magic The Gathering

    Defender Combo

    Brain Maclin, from Denver, Colorado, came by talking about an interest... Read more
  • GPT: Toronto Top 4 Magic The Gathering

    GPT: Toronto Top 4

    With the new website comes a couple of deck lists that should have bee... Read more
  • Boros Humans Magic The Gathering

    Boros Humans

    Hello, everyone! This is my first of hopefully many articles to come.... Read more
  • R/U/G Delver Legacy

    R/U/G Delver

    Rug delver, tempo threshold this deck has gone by a few names,  it is... Read more
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